Thursday, December 31, 2009


1. i was out of town from the 14th to the 27th.

2. i don't have my SD card with me.

3. you already knew i sucked at keeping up with a blog.

but i'm back from texas and Christmas was wonderful. aside from the HORRID food poisoning (DO NOT eat at a little restaurant in keller, tx called tuscany. ever. i've warned you.) DD was an angel while we were there, her sleep habits stayed the same (thank you sweet baby Jesus in Heaven), and she got spoiled rotten by the family.

i did not take her to the cemetery when i went to see my parents- it was really cold and she was napping (see? told you i was full of excuses), but that didn't make that trip really any easier.

and it's new year's eve. a friend is taking sienna for the night (well, until the hubz and i go pick her up) and i plan on drinking my weight in sangria. i was pregnant last new year's and fell asleep before the ball dropped, i want to make up for a little bit of what i missed last year. :) so..... HAPPY NEW YEAR'S Y'ALL!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

make. these. cookies.

like, yesterday.

my secret santa gave me the pioneer woman cookbook (thanks mayo! ::wave::) and ZOMG. i think i have a new favorite cookie. and i am a hopeless devotee to my chocolate chip cookies, so you KNOW these are good.

go here. now.

i will post pictures of cookies and me being a nerd and eating cookies when my interwebz isn't sucking at life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

po' baby.

shots. suck.

but all mom's know that.

yesterday she only had to have two, but she acted like she was dying this time. last time it was just a few tears, a boob in her mouth, and the world was right again. this time she cried, then escalated it to a scream, and shot me the most horrible, accusing look a baby could possibly give you. it was like she was thinking "WHY the fark did you let them do this to me mom?!?!" i felt so bad. and it took much much longer to calm her down this time. boob magic didn't even solve the problem right away. you know what did solve the problem?


crap. she's developing DGS (Daddy's Girl Syndrome) already. i need a mama's boy. because here pretty quick, i'm going to be "just mommy".

i'm etsy famous y'all.

we were just too beautiful to NOT to put on the interwebz.

::dies laughing::

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

23 years ago...

i was born!

a friend of mine, the glorious Shan from, gave me this. i'm only slightly disappointed she's not trying to have sekz with me. le sigh.

oh, and i had to remind dh to tell me happy birthday before i left for work this morning. ha.