Monday, April 5, 2010

actually, i lied.

i am moving to wordpress. blogger just kills me these days. so if you would be so kind, update your bookmarks to


Thursday, April 1, 2010


i'm packing it in and moving to a new address, so be sure to update your links. the new blog name is



here are pictures of the house- excuse me for being gone all week, the inlaws were here. they love the house. they said the craftmanship is wonderful, and coming from someone who has moved 23 times, that means an awful lot. i can't wait to move in y'all. IT IS NICE ENOUGH AND BIG ENOUGH FOR BE TO LIKE, HAVE COMPANY, AND STUFF.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today, i hate my mailbox.

because it delivered a letter from the state, saying that i did not get the job i wanted. i thought just *maybe* i got it. i thought i did really well in the interview. and that starting salary of 35K sounded nice too. ugh. now i'm back to looking for a crap job to pass my time...

::headdesk x a fafillion::

i am starting to feel like i am not capable of securing a good job. i know i am, and i know that i am going up against a bajillion people who are competing with me...


ugh. just ugh.

::chugs CHEAP wine::

Saturday, March 20, 2010


this post is.



and when i say new house, i mean brand spanking new, never before lived in, house. oh yes. the fresh paint and new appliances are enough to make a girl swoon.

here's the weird video i took of the house- i forgot the SD card for my camera, so pictures will be coming later on.

and if you go here and click on the mckenna, you will see other houses exactly like ours.

and the kitchen? OH YES. i haz an excitement.

i made everything in this picture.

except for the couch. and the walls. and that spoon she's holding while she looks at my camera with her "i will beat you to death with my plastic spoon" face. isn't she cute?

so basically, i made her dress. and her. isn't she cute in her dress i made her?

now if you'll excuse me, we have run out of clean forks, and i 'spose that means it's time to get off my worthless keester and do some dishes. toodaroo!

(OH. and an afterthought. that tape is holding up aluminum foil that we used to keep that cats out of the window. we were hoping that if we could keep the cats out of the window that our landlord wouldn't know we had snuck them back in. only, nope, the downstairs neighbor is a beyotch, and tattled on us. i guess two cats stampeding around the floor can be heard through her ceiling. so that's what all the business is about.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

oh. hi there.

so... we've discussed before about how i suck at blogging sometimes. and my last post was "ZOMG I'M MOVING", so you'll have to forgive me. i moved. i had things to do. i was busy. i'm full of excuses today. :)

and then i was going to start blogging again. but i lost my camera charger. and you can't have a blog without pictures. well, i 'spose you can, but it wouldn't be very interesting, would it? no, it wouldn't be.

so here i am, moved, with a new battery charger, ready to blog. let's just pick up where we left off, shall we?

Friday, January 8, 2010


and i couldn't be happier. we FINALLY found a place to rent while we wait for our house here to sell, so i gave my two weeks to my work this morning. like, i get to move and live with my husband and i don't have to be a single mommy for more than two weeks .

but at the same time, i do feel a little, tiny, itty bitty twinge of sadness. we are leaving our first home. i will miss it.

but happiness definately wins that battle. a bigger town, with a pediatrician, and a walmart, and a place to make friends. a better school system for DD. a college, so i can get my degree. i'm ready.

i have two weeks. all those boxes are going to come in handy.

::runs around screaming::

i HATE packing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i haz it.

i can't seem to talk to anyone these days without wanting to rip their heads off.

ok. that's all. return to your regularly scheduled programming.

"well, we got boxes."

those are the exact words that came along with this picture message the hubz sent me. yo, uhaul, we could pack our ENTIRE FUCKING HOUSE in the boxes you sent the boxes in, mmkay? my. entire. kitchen. is full of. boxes. (p.s. i love you and know you ignored all the dirty dishes/pots/pans/bottles on my countertops. don't look. kthnx.)

as if i needed yet ANOTHER sign that, HELLO your husband is moving away for his job and you can't go with him because you live in butt fuck egypt and no one wants to buy your house and you can't find a rental where you are going. yeah. it's like uhaul rubbed my nose in it.

so. i don't think i have ever dreaded anything as much as i have dreaded DH moving next week. yes, he'll be home three days a week, but it won't be on the weekends, so really, i will get to see him for a grand total of 9 hours a week. maybe 12. if we're lucky, 12.


but we have boxes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

reason #53. exhibit A.

i make pretty babies. here's proof.
now would someone please explain to my husband that i need more than one? that the baby i made is so darn cute that it would be a crime to NOT share more of my genes with the world? thank you. because he needs to understand.

a new nickname.

DD has started the teething drool. and she drools a profuse amount. let me tell you. and her favorite thing ever is to purse her lips and blow through them, blowing drool all over herself, her hands, and any unsuspecting and unprepared bystanders. it's like niagra falls coming out of my little baby's mouth y'all. she doesn't act uncomfortable though, and i would rather swim in baby drool than have her be in teething pain, so i'll deal. but all this drooling has inspired a new nickname.

drippy. ol' drippy.

yep. i've nicknamed my daughter after a mold on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. and?

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year's!

this was preeeeeeetty much me on new years eve...

i had fun. :)