Saturday, March 20, 2010

i made everything in this picture.

except for the couch. and the walls. and that spoon she's holding while she looks at my camera with her "i will beat you to death with my plastic spoon" face. isn't she cute?

so basically, i made her dress. and her. isn't she cute in her dress i made her?

now if you'll excuse me, we have run out of clean forks, and i 'spose that means it's time to get off my worthless keester and do some dishes. toodaroo!

(OH. and an afterthought. that tape is holding up aluminum foil that we used to keep that cats out of the window. we were hoping that if we could keep the cats out of the window that our landlord wouldn't know we had snuck them back in. only, nope, the downstairs neighbor is a beyotch, and tattled on us. i guess two cats stampeding around the floor can be heard through her ceiling. so that's what all the business is about.)

1 comment:

  1. TOO CUTE! When are you going to start putting them on etsy? LOL! I miss her, she's a cutie!