Sunday, November 29, 2009

the christmas blanket that dh said she didn't need.

but it's just so damn cute, i couldn't help myself. and it didn't take me but a little over an hour of straight work... which means two days when you have a baby, lol. and the minky is SO soft. but for some reason i expected it to be thicker than it is. ::shrugs:: oh well.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me = rookie

so.. this photoshop crap... yeah, i dunno what i'm doing. i'll learn though. i just need to read, which i don't have time for right now. but here's an example of what i CAN do. which isn't much.

here's the image SOOC-

and here's the image after i played with the RGB curves. i don't even know if you are supposed to do that, but i did-

so there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

today is dragging ass like none other.

i just looked at the clock. it's only noon. someone. help me. i might go insane.

::headdesk x a fafillion::

on another note, i think i finished shopping for the wedding/rehearsal dinner next month.

22 days.

Monday, November 23, 2009

i think we're pretty cute.

we had family pictures done this weekend and i think they turned out pretty good for as inexpensive as they were! we have never had pictures done before, and i am happy that we did, i don't want to be that mom that has no good family pictures for her kids to look at when they get older. there are a couple i think that are over exposed, but whatevs. and thanks to the guy running around with the neon green shirt, you made it impossible for the photographer to get DD's attention. jerk.

Friday, November 20, 2009

hokay. so now you all know that i suck at keeping up with a blog.

but you'll forgive me, right? how about if i include a craptastic, cell phone quality, but oh so cute pic of DD?

ok, so now that you've forgiven me, we can move on. we made an offer on a house, and it was accepted, so we are halfway there. well, sometimes i am pessimistic, and we haven't sold our house yet, so i feel that we are 1/3 of the way there. but whatever. someone, buy my house?

anywho- WE ARE GOING TO TEXAS FOR CHRISTMAS!!! i booked the hotel today, and i am so excited, i could just pee. but i won't. because that's just not sanitary. the hubs is in a wedding in dallas on the 19th, and after that's all said and done, i am going for drinks with my bestie from college (hi katie!) and then we are going to abilene for the holidays with the fam. i am so excited to show my kid to everyone. and maybe my family will give dh shit about having another baby... somewhere down the line. because come on, she's way too cute for us to stop now, right?

we have family pictures tomorrow, so you can bet your sweet little tush i will AW'ing the hell out of them once i get them back. and i have been slacking on using the camera, but i have a feeling there will be picture overload in a few days, what with chopping down our Christmas tree, dh going duck hunting, blahblahblah.

Monday, November 9, 2009

my new house.


yeah, i wish. this weekend we went to the "christening" of A Cowboy's Dream ( http::// )... and i fell in love. i want to live there SO badly. if i had 12 million (yes, 12 million) to drop on a house, i would copy this to the t. the food was amazing, there was proscuitto wrapped aspargus, prime rib, ranch beans, crab stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, cornbread... oh i could go on and on. it was DELICIOUS. i think i ate my weight in rare cow. the very best part?

there was an OPEN BAR.

you know i took advantage of that shit. and i got intoxicated enough to leave containers of pumped milk on the counter labeled "DO NOT USE", enough to post on a message board and not reeaaallllly remember doing it, enough to pass out in my contacts. i had a damn good time. and there were pretty cowboys in chaps running around, i thought i was a pool shark, and i hugged the old man bartender. he made a damn good bloody mary, and it deserved a hug by God.

this is the only decent picture i managed before someone saw my "professional looking" camera and said no mas.

Friday, November 6, 2009

size 4's.

i never ever thought i would wear size 4's again in my LIFE.

i bought two pairs of 4's at express yesterday.

::commence dancing::

so. i nearly died yesterday.

yesterday we drove the piece of shit truck to vegas, hoping to trade it in for a car, but we didn't find anything we liked, so we had to drive the damn thing home again. we seriously were about THISCLOSE to getting in a head on collision on the highway. dh went to pass, and when he got over, someone without their lights on flipped them on, and they were close, so dh went to get back behind the guy we were trying to pass, and the dumbass slams on HIS brakes. so we were skidding on our tires, trying to stop, the guy next to us wouldn't get the hell out of our way, so it was either hit him, drive off the rode, or smash the guy coming straight for us. finally dh gunned it (thank you beater pos for not quitting on us right then!) and got in front of the dumbass. and it messed some shit up on the truck. but we made it home. i have never been so scared in my life. we were going 70, me in no seat belt (because it is broken, not because i'm an idiot who doesn't wear her seat belt), DD in the carseat on the benchseat (no backseat.) i cried afterwards. ugh.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

oh, i forgot to tell you.

i talked my uncle out of buying the tacky crushed velvet and leopard print dress.

::does touchdown dance::

he was going to spend $70 on it. seriously.

i have an addiction.

and it's looking at fabrics and yarn on etsy. at least i'm not addicted to crack or something. i'm not going to end up in rehab, but there is going to be threads and scraps and little pins all over my house before this is all said and done. i was just browsing along, and i have decided DD needs a Christmas quilt. made out of this.

i am certain my husband is going to kill me. i haven't ordered it yet, i am going to finish the first one i started, because then i doubt he will grouch as much. but she needs a warm Christmas-y blankey, with minky on the back, don't you agree??? well, i don't care if you agree or not, she NEEDS it. yes she does.

Monday, November 2, 2009

home sweet home?

i think we found our lot this weekend... it's a little over an acre, right underneath the beautimous Ruby Mountains, right where i will freeze my ass off in the cold cold winters. as long as the contractor doesn't come back with an estimate that is 10k over the original estimate, we will be putting an offer in on it this week! now if we could only sell our house here, life would be perfectly spectacular. anyone want a little old house in BFE, NV?

the lot, the road, and THE VIEW.

my first attempt at quilting...

so, the red is far too saturated a color, but whatever, i am going to make it work. the colors are halfway between the flash and no flash pic... it's so irritating to not be able to get the colors to come out right on "film", but this kind of gives you the idea. i can't wait to finish the damn thing, so i can see if it looks decent enough to use or not, hahaha.