Friday, November 6, 2009

so. i nearly died yesterday.

yesterday we drove the piece of shit truck to vegas, hoping to trade it in for a car, but we didn't find anything we liked, so we had to drive the damn thing home again. we seriously were about THISCLOSE to getting in a head on collision on the highway. dh went to pass, and when he got over, someone without their lights on flipped them on, and they were close, so dh went to get back behind the guy we were trying to pass, and the dumbass slams on HIS brakes. so we were skidding on our tires, trying to stop, the guy next to us wouldn't get the hell out of our way, so it was either hit him, drive off the rode, or smash the guy coming straight for us. finally dh gunned it (thank you beater pos for not quitting on us right then!) and got in front of the dumbass. and it messed some shit up on the truck. but we made it home. i have never been so scared in my life. we were going 70, me in no seat belt (because it is broken, not because i'm an idiot who doesn't wear her seat belt), DD in the carseat on the benchseat (no backseat.) i cried afterwards. ugh.

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