Monday, November 9, 2009

my new house.


yeah, i wish. this weekend we went to the "christening" of A Cowboy's Dream ( http::// )... and i fell in love. i want to live there SO badly. if i had 12 million (yes, 12 million) to drop on a house, i would copy this to the t. the food was amazing, there was proscuitto wrapped aspargus, prime rib, ranch beans, crab stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, cornbread... oh i could go on and on. it was DELICIOUS. i think i ate my weight in rare cow. the very best part?

there was an OPEN BAR.

you know i took advantage of that shit. and i got intoxicated enough to leave containers of pumped milk on the counter labeled "DO NOT USE", enough to post on a message board and not reeaaallllly remember doing it, enough to pass out in my contacts. i had a damn good time. and there were pretty cowboys in chaps running around, i thought i was a pool shark, and i hugged the old man bartender. he made a damn good bloody mary, and it deserved a hug by God.

this is the only decent picture i managed before someone saw my "professional looking" camera and said no mas.

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