Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DD's first trip into the mountains.

it was such a pretty day saturday, we decided to go use the 4 wheel drive on my pickup, and headed up into the mountains. and it was the perfect opprotunity for DD to wear her camoflage outfit, don't you know. and yes, that's a mossy oak hairbow. sorry if i scare you with my no-makeup-face. and if i scared you with my no-makeup-face, here's my husband. he's hot enough to make it up to you.
we saw some mountain bluebirds, the state bird...

some gambel's quail...

about 500 of these...

and a really pretty sunset.
it was a pretty good day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

it's a wonder stinky doesn't try to kill me in my sleep.

i made a legwarmer for sienna... that would fit her when she is 15. the pattern was WAY too big, and i slipped a stitch on accident, so it ended up in the trash, but not before we made a cat stocking out of it though. stinky is such a good boy. i love that cat.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


these are the new pullets, hatched august 11. i think there are are 15 of these crazy idiots... they move so fast, we either count 14 or 15. they think you are out to get them, you are the big bad chicken eater, but when you have treats for them... they love you. until the treats run out, that is.

the hubz finally got peed on.

this morning he was leaving before me and taking my truck, and since we didn't want to mess with the car seat base, he took DD to the sitter... i had just fed her, and i was still laying in bed, so i handed her to him and he was in the middle of changing her, when i hear "ew ew ew ew ew EWWW! she PEED!!!"

y'all, i don't think i have laughed that hard in a long time. my huz, the man who performs necropsies on old dead animals as part of his job description, can't handle a little baby pee. he was standing there, a diaper in one hand, a wipe in the other, just staring at her in her wet jammies. he was holding his pinkie finger out all prissy like too, because "there's PEE on it!" lmfao.

so i saved the day, mopped up the pee and changed her clothes, so he could go disinfect his poor peed on finger. gawd.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

let's just make it tacky shit day then.

i had this picture on my phone. a cousin of mine sent me this. it has a rhinestone the size of the farking Hope diamond in the middle of it. and it's bigger than her whole head.

the best part? it has matching shoes.

and then this... my uncle works in a cosignment shop a few days a week... he about shit his pants because "OMFGTHISISFROMNEIMANMARCUSSOITMUSTBEAWESOME!". in all truth though... it's fugly as well. not to mention the fact that the new nursery will be aqua and red. i have three options here. 1- it can get snowed on in the back of the truck on the drive back from texas, and thereby ruined, 2- it can hide in DD's closet for the rest of her life, or 3- i can use it for firewood at my next bonfire, and i will dance around the fire and sing praises about it's destruction. it's going to give me nightmares about carnies living in my house, okay?

and yes, i am aware i come off as an ungrateful snob, but this shit is fugly y'all.

kill me now.

my uncle wants to buy this for my daughter...
he has sent the picture to me three times, trying to show me how "pretty" it is. if by pretty you mean it looks like a hooker threw up a baby dress, then yes. i think he's already bought it... how in the hell do i tell him this is not. cute. without hurting his feelings? i can't just take it and grin, because it will only encourage future tacky purchases! this shit is bad. it reeks of toddlers and tiaras. damnit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

the search for the great pumpkin

was a futile one. it was 95 frickin' degrees, which is way too damn hot to be frolicking around looking for pumpkins. the pumpkin patch was definitely picked over too. most of the pumpkins left looked like this sad little guy...

but we got lots of good pictures while we were there. and i SWEAR, when you watch you hubz with your child... your heart will melt into the biggest puddle of lovey goop.

do you feel the goopiness? i'm starting to feel it...

yep. excuse me while i collect my heart goop... one second. ok. thank you.

anywho- we got some good pictures of my daughter, aka dirty booty, and one good one of the three of us together.

and we ended up having to buy pumpkins from walmart. good old walmart. they weren't the ginormous, perfectly round pumpkins of our dreams, but they served the purpose. and for the record, this is the first year my pumpkin turned out better than B's. so we're at 3-1. but as i was driving out of the driveway this morning, i glanced at jack, and i am pretty sure he's already started to shrivel. damn this desert and it's pumpkin ruining abilities. i forgot to vaseline him. ugh. oh well, at least i snapped a pic last night to prove my victory to the world.

yarn. i haz some.

something must be wrong with my husband. because not only did he let me buy a bunch of yarn when we went to town this weekend, but he didn't whine when i ordered more from WEBS. and *gasp* he even helped pick some out. crazy, i know. i didn't hear one word out of his mouth about how i have too many things going at once, and that i didn't NEED any more yarn. i think he wants something... actually, i know he wants something. and i know what it is too, but we won't go into that on the interwebz. :)

a friend of ours has a three week old son, and i decided he needed a hat like sienna's, so i knitted this up for him this weekend. he's so tiny compared to my gigantic daughter, so i am hoping that this fits him.

if you want the pattern for it, you can find it here-

fabric collection- too many dots.

i want to do sienna's new nursery in aqua and red, with some pink and green thrown in, and i totally fell in lurve with this stripe- which a famous decorator friend of mine veto'd... i don't listen very well it seems. so off i went with my stripe to joann's... and i came home with too many dots. even the green is a version of dots. crap. and i still need lots more blue. so... today i shall scour etsy for fabrics that DO NOT CONTAIN DOTS. but i want to start on this quilt NOW. not that i don't have enough projects going on right now...

Friday, October 16, 2009

i really want this.

now, i know the little one won't fit into it for a few years, but still... the work that was put into this, the skill... it's amazing. and i need it. she's doing a giveaway, so you know i'm crossing all appendages, hoping that by some alignment of the stars, that it ends up on my doorstep.

blog attempt #4523428978

hopefully this time is doesn't end with me forgetting, and apologizing, and then forgetting some more. i got the really easy halloween header do-hickey, a bunch of crap i want to talk about, and some pictures i can show you. as the title suggests, i have a finger in every pie. now, while you sit there are picture me with my finger in apples, cherries, blueberries, and crust everywhere, let me tell you what i really meant. i have some hardcore ADD when it comes to keeping myself entertained. i am in the process of learning photography, how to knit, quilt... i need to reteach myself to crochet, because the huz has to have a CERTAIN hat... and i like to cook, so i am constantling tinkering (read:blowing shit up) in the kitchen. sometimes, i have success... other times i end up ripping up/ screaming at/ throwing away whatever i was doing. it's expensive, this inability to do just one thing. i'm a new mommy, so that adds to the chaos. we are in the midst of trying to sell our house... don't even get me started there. :)