Tuesday, October 20, 2009

let's just make it tacky shit day then.

i had this picture on my phone. a cousin of mine sent me this. it has a rhinestone the size of the farking Hope diamond in the middle of it. and it's bigger than her whole head.

the best part? it has matching shoes.

and then this... my uncle works in a cosignment shop a few days a week... he about shit his pants because "OMFGTHISISFROMNEIMANMARCUSSOITMUSTBEAWESOME!". in all truth though... it's fugly as well. not to mention the fact that the new nursery will be aqua and red. i have three options here. 1- it can get snowed on in the back of the truck on the drive back from texas, and thereby ruined, 2- it can hide in DD's closet for the rest of her life, or 3- i can use it for firewood at my next bonfire, and i will dance around the fire and sing praises about it's destruction. it's going to give me nightmares about carnies living in my house, okay?

and yes, i am aware i come off as an ungrateful snob, but this shit is fugly y'all.

1 comment:

  1. That flower hat is too much! Looks the flower is going to eat that poor baby's head.