Monday, October 19, 2009

the search for the great pumpkin

was a futile one. it was 95 frickin' degrees, which is way too damn hot to be frolicking around looking for pumpkins. the pumpkin patch was definitely picked over too. most of the pumpkins left looked like this sad little guy...

but we got lots of good pictures while we were there. and i SWEAR, when you watch you hubz with your child... your heart will melt into the biggest puddle of lovey goop.

do you feel the goopiness? i'm starting to feel it...

yep. excuse me while i collect my heart goop... one second. ok. thank you.

anywho- we got some good pictures of my daughter, aka dirty booty, and one good one of the three of us together.

and we ended up having to buy pumpkins from walmart. good old walmart. they weren't the ginormous, perfectly round pumpkins of our dreams, but they served the purpose. and for the record, this is the first year my pumpkin turned out better than B's. so we're at 3-1. but as i was driving out of the driveway this morning, i glanced at jack, and i am pretty sure he's already started to shrivel. damn this desert and it's pumpkin ruining abilities. i forgot to vaseline him. ugh. oh well, at least i snapped a pic last night to prove my victory to the world.

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