Monday, October 19, 2009

yarn. i haz some.

something must be wrong with my husband. because not only did he let me buy a bunch of yarn when we went to town this weekend, but he didn't whine when i ordered more from WEBS. and *gasp* he even helped pick some out. crazy, i know. i didn't hear one word out of his mouth about how i have too many things going at once, and that i didn't NEED any more yarn. i think he wants something... actually, i know he wants something. and i know what it is too, but we won't go into that on the interwebz. :)

a friend of ours has a three week old son, and i decided he needed a hat like sienna's, so i knitted this up for him this weekend. he's so tiny compared to my gigantic daughter, so i am hoping that this fits him.

if you want the pattern for it, you can find it here-

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